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Schedules of Conditions and Dilapidations in Yorkshire, Chartered Surveyor in Leeds

Dilapidations Surveyors

David Moor can be used to resolve dilapidation disputes and make dilapidation claims. Often there will be dispute between tenant and landlord when a ‘Schedule of Dilapidations’ is served. Dilapidations surveyors play a key role is resolving this dispute.

What is a Dilapidations Dispute?

Commercial leases tend to require the tenant to keep the property in good repair. At the end of the lease, the tenant is required to give the property back in the condition it was originally.

If the property is damaged, then the landlord can serve the tenant with a ‘Schedule of Dilapidations’, which requires them to make repairs to the property, remove any alterations made, or, alternatively, pay for damage.

As you can imagine, the Schedule of Dilapidations can often be a point of much contention between the tenant and the landlord. Dilapidations surveyors play a crucial role here.

Dilapidations surveyors:

  • Give an impartial valuation of the building
  • Give evidence as to the damage of the building
  • Give advice to landlords and tenants as to their obligations
  • Help achieve a resolution to any potential dispute
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