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Residential Building Survey Reports in Yorkshire, Building Surveyors Leeds

One of the most important roles played by building surveyors or chartered surveyors is in conducting building surveys on residential properties prior to their purchase.

In most cases, the acquisition of a residential property is the largest financial commitment a person will ever make. The buyer is therefore strongly advised to have a thorough building survey undertaken before making any acquisition.

The Importance of Residential Building Surveys

Building surveys or chartered surveyors provide the purchaser with a detailed report on the condition of a property, flagging-up any potential repair. This impartial report allows for a balanced judgement to be made on the price and suitability of a property.

Although building surveys are suitable for all properties, they are especially important for buildings with these characteristics.

Properties with these characteristics are more likely to have condition problems that need to be highlighted.

  • Older and/or listed
  • Unusual or non-traditionally built
  • Dilapidated
  • Extensively altered or extended
  • Having known or suspected problems

David Moor Residential Chartered Building Surveys

David Moor is a chartered building surveyor specialising in conducting residential building surveys in the Harrogate, Leeds, Wetherby and Yorkshire area. We provide a detailed survey in an easy to read but comprehensive format.

When conversions, alterations or extensions are planned, David Moor can, in most cases, tailor their building surveys to the client’s individual requirements.

This report includes:

  • All components of the structure and fabric of the building
  • Visual checks on the services
  • Roof voids and sub-floor
  • Grounds and outbuildings
  • Photographic coverage
  • Environmental & legal matters
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