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Expert Property Witness, Chartered Surveyors in Yorkshire

David Moor can be used as for expert witness services by a court in legal matters. The expertise of a chartered surveyor is often utilised to help resolve legal disputes involving property.

What Are Expert Witness Services?

Expert witness services (otherwise known as the use of a professional witness or judicial expert) are when a witness is used to help resolve legal matters by virtue of their education, experience and specialised knowledge in a certain area.

A witness will be called in to give their expert opinion on a certain piece of evidence or a fact. They may also deliver expert evidence about facts from the domain of their expertise. This evidence is then put into the context of the entire case, allowing the judge or jury to arrive at a more informed conclusion.

It is not uncommon for different experts to give different opinions. It is, after all, an opinion. The opinion given should be objective and impartial.

An Expert Witness In Surveying

There are various situations where the expert witness will need to be a surveyor. Usually, these will involve a dispute over property. Surveyors are commonly called as expert witnesses in matrimonial disputes and party wall matters that reach the court.

A building surveyor may be called in as a witness to give their valuation of a property, or to give a professional account of the condition of a building.

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